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opening hours of the shop:
address / contact details:
  • Barfüsserplatz, backside of Barfüsser church
  • shop entrance: please check the map below
  • phone: 061 271 09 56 / bs@velomaerkte.ch
where to buy used bikes when there is no second hand market coming up?
  • buy: in the shop at Barfüsserplatz Basel we also stock used bikes (but not in Zürich)
  • IMPORTANT: currently we DO NOT STOCK any second hand bikes at the shop!
  • BUT we organize large bicycle exchanges for used bikes - please check below
  • if you would like to sell your old bike at our bicycle markets, please check below

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consumer's guide:
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Selling bikes at our bicycle market on Barfüsserplatz Basel
  • hudge bicycle market on 6000 m2: buy and sell second hand bikes very quickly
  • the market takes place one to three times/year, lasting for one day each
  • reminder for this year's dates by e-mail? Please submit your e-mail address here
  • hudge selection of used bicycles of all types and price ranges
  • very quick selling with a remarkable success of 80-90%!
  • selling made easy: register your bike, leave it there and just fetch your money in the evening
  • buying is real fun: just hop on as many bikes as you like and race across the hudge square
  • please note: the market is well roofed - rain is not a problem (> not true in 2018)!

I want to sell a bicycle: 2018 markets take place on Barfüsserplatz behind the church

Very easy: register your bike at the entrance, get the cycle and your personal ID checked, deposit the bike on the square. In the late afternoon, you can come back to claim your money (or take home the bike).

Registration of bikes for private persons (max 5 bikes per family): On the selling day (=Saturday) 8-11 am. Bring your bike before selling starts (10am) = even better chances of success! Bring your ID! Admission is via Barfüssergasse (ceck map below). No cars, no parking lots. Dates of the next market: check at top on the right hand or register your e-mail address above on the left (Bring your ID!

Fetching money for private persons: Sat 15-18 pm

Registration of bikes for dealers (= more than 5 bikes): check below

15% of the selling price. Unlike other markets, we will not charge anything for bikes which are not sold.

How to set the selling price: You may decide yourself how much you want to ask for your bike. If you are uncertain: Just have a look around first or ask the staff members at the entrance. Bikes of any price range will be accepted.

Price modifications: may not be applied after registration unless you get a signature from a staff member.

Defective bicycles: your bike does not have to be perfect. Quite a few buyers are looking for bicycles they will repair themselves. You may just have to adjust the selling price accordingly.

Stolen bikes: will not be sold. We check all the bicycles at registration and ask for a valid ID. The police will be called if there are any irregularities.

Details for dealers (= more than 5 bikes): ADMISSION ONLY IF YOU

Registration of bikes for dealers:
Sat 6-7.45 am. Please note that you may ONLY drive in between 6am and 7.30am. Quick unloading, then drive away - there are no parking spaces anywhere close by (strict controls by police!). Dates of the next market: register your e-mail address above on the left (recommended).

Numbers of bicycles allowed: max. 50 bikes/dealer - high chances for success because dealer bicycles are ladmitted only in imited total number - admission only if you contact us before the market. Fee: 15%

New Bikes: New bicycles of any type or bikes looking as new will not be admitted

Order registration forms: info@velomaerkte.ch - compulsorry: fill in the forms at home and be quicker at registration

Dealers, please note: During selling hours, you are not allowed to stay on the market. We want customers to be absolutely free in their choice. We provide neutral staff members for customer consultations - dealers just register their bikes, then leave and strictly come back in the end only!

Fetching money for dealers: Sat 6.15-7 pm (not possible before!). We will handle paying out quickly.

Loading of bicycle for dealers: strictly after 6.15 pm. Access to Barfüssergasse is only possible via Freie Strasse, which is closed for cars until 18 pm (pedestrian zone). Strict police controls!

I want to buy a bicycle: 2018 markets take place on Barfüsserplatz behind the church

Very easy: All the bicycles are freely available - just ride around as many of them as you like. Once you have come to a decision: Take the bicycle to the checkout and pay there. Selling times. 10 am-6 pm

Selling prices: you will find bikes of all price ranges. If you come around early, you may be lucky enough to get a real bargain - time and again, people just want to get rid of their used bike and will not ask much for it. Old bicycles "just to ride to the station" may be available from Fr. 70.-/100.- upwards.

However, you will also find many very solid used bikes priced at several hundreds to thousands of Swiss Francs....

Payment methoeds: cash and debit cards (credit cards only at 3% additional charge).

Reservations: are not possible (quick selling - unhappy sellers)

Consultations: if you have any questions, please just have a look for a member of staff. They will be happy to give you neutral advice. Technical assistance is available in the center of the market.

Defects: make sure you check your new bike before buying it. Obviously, used bikes may come with defects. It usually pays off better to buy a bicycle in good condition, even if it costs you a little more - you may else have to pay more for repairs later on. If you are able to carry out repairs yourself or if you know someone who will do it for you, this will be a lot cheaper than at a store. Minor defects can get repaired in the centre of the market.

Repairs: Most old bicycles are repairable like any new bike (except for some special construction types or really antique cycles) - it's only a question of money. Spare parts are still available or may be replaced by imitation products. If you do not want to carry out repairs yourself, you may get them done at most bicycle shops (however, some dealers will tell you that repairs of old bikes are too expensive and "advise" you to buy a new bike instead...).

Checking bicycles: Are both brakes ok when riding? Any irregularities when changing gears (try all of them)? Lift the wheels, rotate them and look at the rim between the brakes: any irregularities? Do the rims look very used and thin on the sides (where brakes are applied)? Are there spokes missing or not fixed well? Lift the fork and try to shake it: is it moving inside the frame or well fixed? Try to shake the crank: is it moving inside the frame or well fixed? Try to shake the wheels: can you notice movement in the hubs or are they well fixed? How about the chain: rosty, stiff or sagging? Front and rear lights working? Are the saddle, the stem and the handlebar fixed well? Any screws looking bad or not fixed well? Any bending of the frame or fork or any cracks/fissures?


Used bikes may come with defects - in some cases of serious nature. Defects may affect your security when riding the bicycle.

Disclaimer 1: velomarkte.ch (WWD Wide World Designs LLC) will exclude any liability for damages resulting from the use of bicycles after purchase, be it damages to the user, the bicycle or to third parties or objects - regardless of the condition of the bicycle. Test rides during the market are insured as with a regular "Velovignette"; however, we will not accept any liability in case this insurance will not cover the costs resulting from any damage whatsoever.

Disclaimer 2: In case a bicycle gets damaged or stolen during the market, we will exclude any liability. The market premises are highly fenced and the entrances well staffed - we have never had any bikes stolen. For markets lasting two days, we have night guards on the premises at all times.

next bicycle market:

May 26 2018
backside of Barfüsser church

The Kunsteisbahn Margarethen is located in the Margarethenpark Basel - just 5 minutes from the station SBB

Superior Fr. 699.- / 959.-
Viva Fr. 499.- / 899.-
Corratec 1899.- / 3299.-
Ghost Fr. 499.- / 879.-
Focus Fr. 3999.- / 5999.-
Secondhand bicycle exchange! 26 May 2018 Barfüsserplatz behind church, outside bikestore velomaerkte.ch - hundreds secondhand & reduced bikes!
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