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FAQ on buying bikes

Top sales dates by e-mail?

Is there anything wrong with these bikes?

No, the discounts are not linked with any disadvantages: all the bicycles are new, unused and technically 100% perfect. They used to be more expensive and are discounted just to clear stocks. Oftentimes, producers only change the colour of the new year's range which is more expensive - the more clear it gets what kind of an advantage our discounted bikes offer.
Alle the bicycles come with full warranty.

How come bikes are so much cheaper at verlomaerkte.ch?

velomaerkte.ch is selling the overstockings of the producers, testbikes etc. Producers concentrate on their new range every year and need to get rid of these bikes. We are passing on the price reductions to our customers - in some cases, this starts in June/May of the current season.
There are some brands (e.g., Diamant and Kross) we import directly to Switzerland - this enables us to set prices independently and of course, we love to see our customers happy about this...

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Are the bikes really worth the higher reference price which you name?

Definitely. The reference price marked next to the selling price corresponds to the actual value of the bike. We have not just invented it or it never got paid anywhere. Much rather, the reference price is the selling price recommended by the producer, and bicycle shops were obliged to stick to it in the year of production - and in many shops, the bikes will still cost this much.

Where can I get a bike repaired after purchase?

Basically anywhere - or rather, you have several options: Either you take your bike back to our shops in Zürich or Basel and make use of our affordable repair services - or you get it repaired at the bicycle workshop of your choice. All the workshops are able to repair any type of bike - even abroad. This is due to the fact that nowadays, spare parts are not specific to bicycle brands.

How about warranty issues?

Warranty is always issued by the producer. Therfore, the duration of the warranty differs from brand to brand. However, all the brands do come with full warranty and if you have any problem with your bike, you can just bring it along and we will fix it for you for free. Please do come as soon as you notice that something is wrong, or contact us. If you live far away, we should always be able to find a solution for you.

Which bikes do you stock currently?

"Many", is the only thing we can say for sure. Since we often buy and sell large stocks within short periods of time, we are not able to publish up to date overviews. The selection is changing constantly - sometimes we have many pieces in stock of a given bike, sometimes just one or two. However, we are happy to answer any specific enquiries.

May I reserve a bike I've seen on your website?

We are happy to arrange reservations for you until the next selling day. So this is not a problem if you are able to come along on the next day the shop is open. Please check here for the current opening hours. For contacting us and to find our addresses, check here.

Can I get advice before buying?

Our competent and friendly staff members are very happy to give advice on any topics. However, if you prefer to check it all out on your own, we will always respect this and not disturb you. Our goal is that customers get the chance to take time and reflect really well - this is the only way to take the right decision. We are even happy if you just come along to get inspired by our bikes - we are not in favour of that sublime type of "obligation to buy" often encountered in small shops!

How about test riding?

Testing bikes is the best advice you can get. It is the explicit philosophy of velomaerkte.ch to encourage customers to test as many bicycles as they wish, as many times as needed. You will find out that every bike feels very different, you will learn a lot about sitting positions, comfort and effects of different gear systems, etc.. And you will have a lot of fun - just as it should be!

Will you accept my old bike in payment?

velomaerkte.ch dos not usually buy old bikes. However, you can always sell your bike trough our used bicycle markets in Basel. There you will be able to get your bicycle sold very quickly, and with very good chances as 80-90% of the sellers are successful.

Superior Fr. 699.- / 959.-
Viva Fr. 499.- / 899.-
Corratec 1899.- / 3299.-
Superior Fr. 599.- / 899.-
Ghost Fr. 499.- / 879.-
Focus Fr. 3999.- / 5999.-
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