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Quality you can rely on: 20 renowned bike brands, cared for by top mechanics

velomaerkte.ch is Switzerland's specialist for selling the overstockings of the bicycle producers. Due to this, we are able to offer high quality bikes at heavily discounted prices.
velomaerkte.ch focuses on a very careful selction when stocking the stores. We aim at offering only the best bargains to our customers, making sure all the bicycles are of premium quality. Close collaboration with many of the most renowned bicycle brands leads to a unique selection of quality bikes, offering real added value for our customers. All the bikes are assembled and checked for security by our professional and highly dedicated teams. Every bicycle is sold with full warranty.

A convincing concept. Even many of the most popular bikes are available at discounted prices from velomaerkte.ch - no wonder our customers keep on bringing in friends to buy, too.

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"Only the best bikes in every price range. And only at the best prices"
  • a unique and hudge selection of discounted quality bicyles
  • new bikes coming in constantly
  • every bike fully assembled and double checked for security
  • many of the most popular bikes available at reduced prices

Karte Zürich
Karte Basel

consumer's guide:
"quality bikes can
be a lot cheaper"

..KONA 2010 - Crossbikes, Streetbikes and Kids: super prices for Kona's 2010 range
Many more Konas in stock - and any Kona bike can be ordered from us. www.konaworld.com
Kona Dew Plus 2010
Fr. 599.- statt 699.-
Kona Dew Deluxe 2010
Fr. 699.- statt 899.-
Kona Dew 2010
Fr. 499.- statt 599.-
Kona Dr. Dew 2010
Fr.1199.-, auch schwarz
Kona Dr. Fine 2010
Fr. 1099.- statt 1399.-
Kona Band Wagon 2010
Fr. 999.- statt 1249.-
Kona Paddy Wagon 2010
Fr. 699.- statt 849.-
Kona PhD 2010
Fr. 1399.- statt 1699.-
Kona Makena 20" 2010
Fr. 299.- statt 399.-
blau oder orange
Kona Hula 2010
Fr. 399.- statt 499.-
blau oder grün
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